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For determining the bearing capacity of soil, in method of loading the size for a square steel plate used is about ________

(a) 300 mm^2 to 750 mm^2

(b) 3000 mm^2 to 7500 mm^2

(c) 3 m^2 to 75 m^2

(d) 3 mm^2 to 75 mm^2

I had been asked this question by my college director while I was bunking the class.

The doubt is from Ground Techniques topic in section Site Investigation and Ground Techniques of Construction & Building Materials

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Right answer is (b) 3000 mm^2 to 7500 mm^2

The explanation: In method of loading comma the size of square steel plate generally variance from 3000 mm^2 to 7500 mm^2. The plates should have sufficient thickness to with stand the maximum bending stresses due to probable loading. But in no case, it should be less than 25 mm.

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