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How much energy is estimated as total tidal power that is generated throughout the world?

(a) 2.4 X 10^6 MW

(b) 8.3 X 10^6 MW

(c) 4.9 X 10^6 MW

(d) 12 X 10^6 MW

This question was posed to me in final exam.

My question is based upon Tidal Power in portion Ocean Energy & Geothermal Energy of Energy Engineering

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The correct choice is (a) 2.4 X 10^6 MW

Best explanation: The total tidal power that is dissipated throughout the world is estimated at 2.4 X 10^6 MW of these some 10^6 MW are dissipated in shallow seas and coastal areas and are not recoverable. Because of very high cost of dams and other structures associated with tide energy conversion system, only a small amount of the rest can be satisfied by tidal energy.

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