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Calculate the air density when 18m/s wind is at 1std atmospheric pressure and 34^oC?

(a) 1.149 kg/m^3

(b) 1.9 kg/m^3

(c) 2.88 kg/m^3

(d) 5.89 kg/m^3

The question was asked in an interview.

Enquiry is from Velocity and Power from Wind in portion Wind Energy of Energy Engineering

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Correct answer is (a) 1.149 kg/m^3

To explain I would say: For air, gas constant R = 287 J/kgK, 1atm = 1.01325 X 10^5 Pa

  Air density, ρ = P/RT = (1.01325 × 10^5)/(287(34+273.15)) = 1.149 kg/m^3.

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