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Which of the following real world scenarios would you associate with a stack data structure?

(a) piling up of chairs one above the other

(b) people standing in a line to be serviced at a counter

(c) offer services based on the priority of the customer

(d) tatkal Ticket Booking in IRCTC

Enquiry is from Stack using Array in division Abstract Data Types of Data Structures & Algorithms I

I have been asked this question in examination.

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Correct option is (a) piling up of chairs one above the other

Best explanation: Stack follows Last In First Out (LIFO) policy. Piling up of chairs one above the other is based on LIFO, people standing in a line is a queue and if the service is based on priority, then it can be associated with a priority queue. Tatkal Ticket Booking Follows First in First Out Policy. People who click the book now first will enter the booking page first.

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