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Which of the following is false?

(a) A B+ -tree grows downwards

(b) A B+ -tree is balanced

(c) In a B+ -tree, the sibling pointers allow sequential searching

(d) B+ -tree is shallower than B-tree

My enquiry is from B-Trees in chapter B-Trees of Data Structures & Algorithms I

The question was posed to me during an online exam.

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The correct answer is (a) A B+ -tree grows downwards

To explain: A B+ -tree always grows upwards. And In a B+tree –  i)The path from the root to every leaf node is of the same length, so the tree is balanced. ii) Leaves are linked, so allow sequential searching. iii) An index is built with a single key per block of data rather than with one key per data record, so it is shallower than B-tree.

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