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The parts in the figure are a)__________, b)_____________, c)___________, d)____________.

(a) dendrites, soma, myelin sheath, nodes of ranvier

(b) dendrites, soma, cell body, axon hillock, myelin sheath

(c) soma, axon hillock, myelin sheath, dendrites

(d) soma, axon hillock, axon, dendrites

The question was asked at a job interview.

My doubt is from Cellular Membranes in division Cellular Membranes of Cell Biology

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Right option is (a) dendrites, soma, myelin sheath, nodes of ranvier

To elaborate: Dendrites are the fine extensions from cell body, responsible for receiving information from other neurons. The information is processed in soma and then travels down the length of the axon where myelin sheath is discontinuously present. The gaps between the sheath are called nodes of Ranvier.

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