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Which of the following ash handling system is not flexible to re-locate/re-place its discharging site?

(a) Steam jet ash handling system

(b) Mechanical ash handling system

(c) Hydraulic ash handling system

(d) Pneumatic ash handling system

I got this question during an interview for a job.

Origin of the question is Cool and Ash Handling System topic in section Steam Power Plant of Energy Engineering

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Correct option is (c) Hydraulic ash handling system

For explanation: Since the hydraulic ash handling system involves the usage of liquids, the discharging sites cannot be re-located/re-placed. Else constructing/developing a new discharging site is possible but the old one cannot be replaced since it is a wet system. In case of all other forms of ash handling system it is easy since they are dry system and they won’t have much of an impact on the following discharging site/land.

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